Hypersomnia disease, which can be defined as daytime insomnia and the desire to sleep a lot, is diagnosed in people who need sleep during the day even though they get 7 hours or more of sleep. In other words, even if patients have had uninterrupted sleep during the night, they experience sleep attacks during the day and face the need to sleep. The biggest feature of this disease is that patients complain that no matter how much they sleep, they do not feel fully rested.

Causes of Hypersomnia

The causes of hypersomnia usually consist of neurological and psychological reasons. In general, it is seen as due to the following reasons:

• Severe trauma to the head
• Increased pressure in the head
• Chronically inadequate night’s sleep
• Upper respiratory resistance syndrome (While Sleeping)
• Depression
• Chronic fatigue
• Drug and drug use
• Sleep apnea

Hypersomnia Treatment

Hypersomnia treatment begins by listening to the patient’s history. Subsequent physical examinations and sleep tests are followed. With the diagnosis, drug treatment for the patient begins. With drug treatment, the patient is informed, asked to evaluate and eliminate all possibilities that may affect his or her sleep at night. It is recommended doing routine exercises and eat a balanced diet. If the patient’s conditions are right, a planned daytime sleep schedule can be removed.

In addition to these treatments, the effect of lying in a comfortable and healthy bed is quite high. The feeling of lying in a comfortable bed should not be underestimated.

Latex material has a relaxing and resting function on the muscle structure. It is a healthy raw material accepted in the world because it is completely natural. A mattress that is too hard or too soft puts the spine in a different position than it should be, which causes restless sleep and pain. However, this negative situation is not encountered in natural latex mattresses and offers you maximum comfort.

NSC Medical Latex is the first patented pressure stabilizer latex system in the industry. This mattress consists of a patented pressure stabilizer latex top layer based on soy Medi-foam. In this way, it provides high quality sleep and provides an effective solution to sleep problems.

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