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“The NSC Advantage”

soy_medi_foamSoy Medi-Foam

This neutralizes the off gassing smell that irritates Patients/Residents as well as reducing heat retention which is the largest complaint from 100% petrochemical based products. By adding a full layer of Soy Visco or Soy Hybrid Gel as a top layer for all pressure redistributing mattresses, we reduce the incidence of pressure ulcers, assist with the healing process of skin breakdown and reduce Patient/Resident turning times for Nursing Staff. Most industry standard mattresses only offer pressure redistributing sections to reduce costs and meet minimum requirements.

soy_visco_medi_gelSoy Visco Medi-Gel

The best of both worlds combined to create TRUE pressure redistribution for the Patient/Resident. NSC Medical’s hybrid Soy Visco Medi-Gel is our own proprietary infusion blend where the gel is INFUSED into our Soy Visco Medi-Foam.  This unique technology provides true gel attributes; a cooling surface for the Patient/Resident’s skin combined with the comfort and durability of pressure redistributing Soy Visco memory foam.


CommakCommak Technology

The first fluid proof AND machine washable cover in the industry. Globally recognized and awarded as the most intelligent fabric in Europe. The Commak cover exclusive to NSC Medical with Coolmax fibres, consists of high tech fibres providing fast moisture absorption capability and excellent air circulation. This technology enables moisture to vaporize quickly, reducing the potential for Microbes, Fungi and Dust Mites. This providing a consistently dry and healthy sleeping environment.