NSC Medical Series 1000


Our NSC1000 consists of a Soy Medi-Foam open cell, high resilience entry-level pressure redistribution mattress that outperforms any other foam in the industry. Breaking the rules of economics by providing a high quality, cost effective entry-level mattress meeting any budget. The cover consists of Medtex, an anti-rip fabric with anti-slip technology when the bed is articulating, providing Patient/Resident comfort and Nursing Staff assistance. With an anti-bacterial cover threaded with expandable polyester, the NSC1000 assists infection control by resulting in no leakage or contamination.

We Use Only Soy Medi-Foam…Why?

This neutralizes the off gassing smell that irritates Patients/Residents, as well as reducing heat retention which is the largest complaint from 100% petrochemical based products. NSC Medical does not cut corners when it comes to fire prevention by using fire barriers as a cost effective method. We only use Fire Rated Foams providing guaranteed results with no compromise in Patient/Resident, Nursing Staff and Facility safety.

Cover: The NSC1000 cover consists of a 3-way stretch for easy removal and a zipper overlay for infection control. It contains an expandable polyester thread fibre that imbeds itself to material making this fabric completely fluid proof.

Theraputic Surface: NSC Medical is conscientious of our carbon footprint, therefore providing Soy Foam, Soy Visco and Soy Gel Hybrid Foams as an alternative to 100% petrochemical based products.

By adding a full layer of Soy Visco or Soy Hybrid Gel as a top layer for all pressure redistribution therapeutic surfaces, we reduce the incidence of pressure ulcers, assist with healing skin breakdown and reduce Patient/ Resident turning times for Nursing Staff. Most industry surfaces only offer pressure redistribution sections to reduce costs and meet minimum requirements.

Product Size & Features:

Item: 168-NSC1000

Product Sizes: 36” x 6” x 76”/80”/84”

Foam Density: Soy Medi-Foam

Max Weight Capacity: 300lbs

Warranty: 3 Year Non Pro-Rated

made-in-canada soy_medi_foam

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