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NSC Medical’s Correct Body Form Therapeutic Mattress is made with our own proprietary soy visco gel technology which is clinically proven to keep the sleep surface 1-2 degrees lower then body temperature while assisting with spinal decompression while sleeping.

0% motion transfer so your partner will not be disturbed throughout the night. Qualux 2.6lbs Flexi-Foam Base with 700lbs weight capacity can accommodate any box spring or adjustable bed in the industry.

Commak Cover awarded the most intelligent fabric in Europe and the first breathable and fluid proof cover in the industry which is machine washable exclusive to NSC Medical.

Proprietary Soy Visco Cooling Gel Technology Exclusive to NSC Medical

We Use Only Soy Medi-Foam Why?

This neutralizes the off gassing smell that irritates Patients/Residents, as well as reducing heat retention which is the largest complaint from 100% petrochemical based products.

Ethical Rotation Perpective:

• NSC Medical is conscientious of our carbon footprint, therefore providing Soy Foam, Soy Visco and Soy Gel Hybrid Foams as an alternative to 100% petrochemical based products. This technology reduces our carbon footprint by up to 30%.
• Hypo-Allergenic and Latex Free
• Developed and Manufactured in Canada



Where to Buy?

buy nsc medical costco walmart

amazon wayfair  bestbuy

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