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Nsc Medical is an experienced and trusted medical mattress manufacturer that produces high-quality, therapeutic mattresses, located in Canada.

The Leading Supplier Of Hospital Beds, Medical Mattresses And More

Nsc Medical is the leading supplier of hospital beds, medical mattresses and a range of other essential medical equipment in Canada. We have been providing superior quality products and services to hospitals, clinics and health care facilities for over 10 years. With our extensive knowledge and experience in the field, we are able to provide customers with high-quality products at affordable prices. Read on to find out more about why Nsc Medical is the go-to choice for high-quality medical mattresses and hospital beds.

Since NSC Medical is a leading supplier of hospital beds and medical mattresses, we know what makes a good mattress.

Medical Therapeutic Sleep Surfaces Nsc Medical Manufacture


Nsc Medical Series 5000


Nsc Medical Series 3000


Nsc Medical Bariatrics Series – 5000b700


Nsc Medical - Corrections

NSC Medical designs, develops and integrates exclusive technologies with sleep surfaces and over the bed technology in the consumer and healthcare industry.

• NSC Medical utilizes 13 manufacturing facilities across Canada for Therapeutic Sleep Surfaces and Positioning Products.
• Low order quantities possible due to just in time (JIT) manufacturing.
• NSC Medical is a Class I Medical Device Manufacturer
• OEM to multiple brands with true traceability for component manufacturing.
• Our products have low return rates as we take pride in our work and refuse to cut corners in developing or manufacturing.
• NSC Medical products are developed in Canada for the global professional medical care industry.
• NSC Medical products are manufactured in certified ISO facilities.
• NSC Medical products deliver 100% traceability.
• NSC Medical Products are developed and manufactured in Canada.

Therapeutic Pillows, Wedges & Overlays

Pillow – 168-NSC1051

Dual Gel Pillow – 168-NSC1051

Pillow - 168-NSC1052

G Gel Pillow – 168-NSC1052

Pet Sleep Surfaces Cooling Pressure Relief Bed with Soy Visco Medi-Gel

• 100% Hypo-Allergenic, Odour Resistant, Eco- Friendly, Canadian Made.
• Removable incontinent machine washable fitted cover for easy clean.
• Soy Visco Medi-Gel wicks away moisture and reduces sleep surface temperature by an additional 1-2 degrees.
• Soy Foam Technology will not irritate pets digestive system if swallowed.

Therapeutic Pet Sleep Surfaces


Orthopedic Relief


Total Comfort

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