What is Sleep?

Sleep is a state of rest that living things perform in order to gain energy to perform their daily activities. Therefore, all living things need sleep. Not getting enough sleep is harmful: it causes distraction, forgetfulness and irritability. Likewise, fatigue and dizziness can be felt if too much sleep is taken. Sleep is linked to a person’s mood. Therefore, the reason for oversleeping or little sleep may be psychological.

• Quality sleep is the solution to many sleep disorders!

The Importance of Sleep

With good and regular sleep:

Stress control is provided,
Memory is strengthened, the risk of distraction decreases,
The immune system is strengthened, frequent illness is prevented,
Protein synthesis increases,
Growth hormone is secreted.
Respiratory, circulatory and skeletal system activities are revised,
Reduced risk of depression

Treatment of sleep disorders may vary depending on the type and the underlying cause. However, it usually involves a combination of medical treatments and lifestyle changes.

Medical treatments

Medical treatment for sleep disorders may include any of the following:

– Sleeping pills
– Melatonin supplements
– Allergy or cold medicine
– Drugs for underlying health problems
– Respirator or surgery (usually for sleep apnea)
– Tooth protector (usually for teeth grinding)

Lifestyle changes

Lifestyle changes can greatly improve your sleep quality, especially when done in concurrence with medical treatments.

Some of these include

– Add more vegetables and fish to your diet and reduce sugar intake
– Reduce stress and anxiety by exercising
– Implementing a regular sleep plan
– Drinking less water before bed
– Limiting caffeine intake, especially in the afternoon or evening
– Reduce tobacco and alcohol use
– Eating lower-carb meals before bed

Sleeping and waking up at the same time every day can also significantly improve your sleep quality. While sleeping at weekends is tempting, it is very important to stick to the routine as these times can make it difficult to wake up and fall asleep.

In addition, one of the most important factors will be bed preference. Since you will feel more peaceful and healthy while lying in a bed that allows you to sleep comfortably and comfortably, you need to choose a good bed as the first step in overcoming your sleep problems.

Our favorite is Natural sleep concepts’ Hybrid articulated system latex mattress, a 30.5 cm (12 inches) thick hybrid bed with latex components for hypoallergenic properties of our NSC Medical brand. The Patient Transfer System consisting of foam curbs on the edges of the bed makes it easy to get in and out of the bed. Medi-gel and Medi-foam help to rearrange the spine and reduce pressure. In this way, you provide comfortable sleep and take the first step in defeating sleep disorders!

You can reach this bed of our NSC Medical brand and many other bed options. Remember that comfortable and healthy sleep is your first step in overcoming your sleep disturbances.

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