Rejuvenate ™ 2.0 Hybrid Copper


Wake up on our Rejuvenate 2.0 Hybrid copper series sleep surface which has our innovative Self Sterilizing Technology. Our consumer sleep surface starts with a patented Copper contact surface layer which has a Class 1 Medical Device for Biological Change:

• 99% Bacteria Kill Rate within 24 hours through your mattress protector, bed sheets and sleeping apparel.

• Assist with inflammation and Reduces viruses.

2nd Layer – Natural latex is hypoallergenic and all-natural, offering 4 global certifications for natural content and material with protein-extracted latex.

3rd Layer – Medi-Gel assists with spinal decompression, pressure point relief and motion transfer.

• Our Clinical Medi-Gel has been pressure mapped and shows we outperforms other air and gel technologies.

4th layer – Medi-Foam base assists with weight bearing support in all sleeping positions.





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