Affordable Bulk Orders

At Nsc Medical we are committed, to offering top notch mattresses and medical mattresses in quantities at competitive rates. Our mission is to make quality sleep accessible to everyone.

Simplified Pricing

Our pricing structure is simple and clear. Discounts for orders start with a minimum of 10 units and the more you purchase the more you save. We believe our pricing accurately reflects the value of our premium products.

Tailored Assistance

As your trusted partner Nsc Medical is here to cater to your requirements. We can handle logistics for deliveries throughout Canada and the United States regardless of order size.

Who Can Benefit from Our Program

Healthcare Facilities

Enhance the sleeping environment with our hypoallergenic and antimicrobial mattresses well as chemical free options ensuring safety and comfort.

Hospitality Industry

Offer your guests an experience with our high quality memory foam, hybrid coil and organic mattresses at exclusive commercial prices. Complete the package with our premium selection.

Property Rentals

Whether you manage Airbnb properties or operate chains we have a wide range of mattresses perfectly suited for ensuring your guests comfort.

Resorts and Camps

Leave a lasting impression on vacationers, at destinations by providing them mattresses furniture pieces options that align with their ecological values.

Spa and Wellness Centers

At Spa and Wellness Centers you can showcase your dedication to the well being of your customers with our mattresses.

We prioritize quality and safety in all our orders at Nsc Medical ensuring that you receive the exceptional standard that all of our valued customers enjoy. Our product design and material selection are driven by a commitment to delivering top tier quality and promoting health.

Nsc Medical operates based on core values that revolve around quality, sustainability and transparency. It is through these principles that we are able to craft eco products.

You can have peace of mind knowing that every Nsc Medical product is meticulously crafted using the materials to enhance the comfort of sleep and overall living experience for your customers.

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