Some symptoms that appear in sleep can be a precursor to diseases. For example, periodic breathing in sleep, which is shaped by increased breathing and decreased interruption with central apnea, or cheyne-stokes respiratory diseases in the form of breathing can be a precursor to heart failure. However, the fact that this respiratory disorder is seen in sleep in people with heart failure indicates that heart failure does not respond adequately to treatment. In individuals who have not yet developed hypertension, if there is a respiratory disease (sleep apnea syndrome) in sleep at night, blood pressure is high at night, but the person does not notice it. Night hypertension, which is triggered by sleep respiratory disease, becomes permanent by sagging into the daytime if breathing is not corrected in sleep. For example, it is known that half of those with REM sleep behavior disorder develop Parkinson’s disease within 2-10 years. In short, REM sleep behavior disorder can be a leading symptom of Parkinson’s disease.

What is REM Sleep?

REM sleep is the dream state of sleep. During normal REM sleep, our brains sends signals to keep your muscles from moving. However, these signals are impaired in people with REM sleep behavior disorder. A person may have dreams that involve vocal or verbal violence in which they harm themselves or their sleep partner, such as shouting, swinging their arms, punching, kicking.

While not much is known about REM sleep behavior disorder, it is thought that it may be caused by medications or be an early sign of another neurological condition such as Parkinson’s disease, dementia with Lewy bodies, or multiple system atrophies. Identifying the lifestyle and personal risk factors associated with this sleep disorder will help find ways to reduce the chances of it developing.

REM Sleep Behavior Disorder Treatment

The first step in treatment is to take special measures to ensure the safety of the patient and the bed partner. It is necessary to raise awareness of the patients and their relatives. In addition, many drug options used in the treatment should be determined by the physician in the patient’s particular way.

Getting a good night’s sleep is what quality life requires. As with all diseases, it is very important to choose a good bed in REM sleep behavior disorder disease. Good and healthy sleep gives you a relaxing sleep.

Latex material has an unwinding and laying capacity on the muscle structure. It is a solid crude material acknowledged on the planet since it is totally regular. A bedding that is excessively hard or too delicate places the spine in an unexpected situation in comparison to it ought to be, which causes fretful rest and torment. Notwithstanding, this negative circumstance isn’t experienced in normal latex sleeping cushions and offers you the greatest solace. Nonetheless, on account of its high air penetrability structure, it will have the solace that will keep you invigorated and away from bed microbes for a long time.

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