PREMIUM MEMORY FOAM WEDGES – 6”, 8”, 12” & 16”

For individuals recovering from surgery or an injury, positioning wedge pillows are specifically designed with an incline to provide proper alignment and keep your affected swollen areas (facial and/or body) comfortably elevated at a 45º angle.  This angle is optimal for enabling blood circulation to all the vital areas while helping to reduce swelling.

Wedge design is used for head, back and leg elevation.  Replaces pillows and towels easily and more securely while positioning Patients/Residents while providing maximum support as well as comfort.

It is recommended to stay elevated on the positioning wedge as long as the swelling persists.

Also available in memory foam.

Soy Medi-Foam Features: 


Latex Free

Made with Soy Medi-Foam

Breathable Material

Removable Commak Cover: 


Coolmax Fibres

Wicks Away Moisture from the Body

Prevents Contamination and Skin Irritation Issues

100% Machine Washable

Product Sizes & Features

Item Number: Please refer to price list for full sizing and foam options.

Product Dimensions: 22” x 22” x 6”/8”/12”/16”

Foam Density:

Soy Medi-Foam Wedge:1850

Soy Visco Medi-Foam Wedge: 1850, 5lb Visco

made-in-canada soy_medi_foam soy_visco_medi_foam

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