Choosing a bed is also a very important point for us, as a very large part of our lives pass on the bed. Many factors should be considered, such as which position you sleep in when choosing a bed, whether the bed fills your waist gap, whether the bed is shaped according to your boarding position. In this case, this bed, which is produced with today’s technology, is one of the first preferences of those who want an economical and comfortable bed. Although it’s history dates back many years, visco beds, which have recently been prominent in bed preferences, are preferred by a wide range. Let’s take a look at visco, the main ingredient of these beds, whose popularity has recently increased.

This material (memory foam) was first developed for astronauts by NASA research group AMES in the 1960s. Thanks to it’s material pressure reduction feature, has solved the problem of pressure that astronauts are subjected to during space travel. With billions of microscopic memory cells, the visco elastic sponge is sensitive to heat and weight thanks to its cells ability to move. NSC Medical company also uses this technology to produce weight and heat-sensitive visco sponge beds. These beds achieve a perfect fit, allowing your body to take shape on its soft structure, depending on your weight and body temperature. In this way, it allows you to sleep comfortably. It also adapts to your sleep style and shapes thanks to its “remembers you ” structure, causing you to find your place in later uses. This flexibility is one of the keys to quality sleep. That is why we produce visco sponge-surface beds and offer you the opportunity to sleep perfectly.

NSC Medical beds, which we have created by placing a visco elastic layer on a normal sponge material, allow you to sleep comfortably because it is possible to find the right position as a bed thanks to visco. Thanks to the special structure of the sponge, it aims to spread the load throughout the body in a balanced way, preventing the load from riding on the body’s centers of gravity, especially the shoulders and hips. This condition also offers a very important opportunity for you to sleep comfortably. In addition, air circulation is highest in bed due to the open cell of visco elastic material. Thanks to the air pores, it prevents perspiration and ensures that the heat degree remains constant. Especially in hot climates, it is very useful thanks to this feature.

The most important feature that distinguishes visco elastic beds from package spring beds is that they use space technology. Developed by using this technology beds appeal especially to those who are in search of a whole in terms of health, and comfort. Manufactured by NSC Medical, these beds won’t deform depending on time. It is possible to use it for many years with proper use and maintenance.

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