Are you complaining about waking up tired? Can’t you get enough rest? Then you don’t realize what you need to know about sleep quality! A quality sleep for, many factors, such as our activities during the day, our bed, are effective. In order for the brain to move to full rest, all these factors need to be optimally regulated.

First, avoid exposure to excessive bright light during the day. This will affect your sleep at night. As well as lights you receive during the day, exposure to blue light before going to bed at night will also negatively affect your sleep. Therefore, cut the interaction with electronic devices such as computers and phones at least 2 hours before sleep because blue light deceives the body as if it were daytime. This condition disrupts the body’s adaptation to night sleep.

Another factor affecting sleep is caffeine consumption. Consuming caffeine late at night can miss your sleep. Caffeine is a substance that keeps the brain awake. This for reason, it does not allow the transition to sleep. One of the most important factors affecting your sleep quality is your sleep pattern. Staying awake at night and sleeping during the day, sleeping and waking up for short intervals will have a bad impact on your healthy sleep system. The quality of your bed will directly affect your sleep. This for reason, you should way your bed choice healthy and suitable for your body structure. Being comfortable in your sleep environment makes it easier for you to go to sleep and allows you to have a comfortable sleep.

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Taking a warm shower before sleep and listening to relaxing music are also effective methods for healthy sleep. In addition, ambient temperature, purification of the mind is important for a comfortable sleep. If you pay attention to all these conditions, you will sleep peacefully and see how healthy sleep affects your life.

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