Sleep takes up a huge part of our lives, even more than you might think. Many people have trouble sleeping. He’s having a bad day because he can’t sleep well. Your sleeping position plays a big role in your sleep quality, and maybe it’s time to change your sleeping position.

You have to be very careful when choosing your sleeping position. If you have pain or other health problems, you can try changing your sleeping position to get relief from these pains.

Improving your sleep quality is actually in your hands. By trying different sleeping positions, you can find the best position for you. By making your sleep quality, you will see that your life has become quality in parallel.

Every person is different, they have different metabolism. The choice should be determined according to your body and sleep needs.

Sleeping on your side is actually pretty good for you, especially if you sleep on your left side. Helps reduce snoring. It is also great for your digestion and stomach.

Some studies reveal that sleeping on the right side causes heartburn and acid reflux. Changing sides at night is actually one of the most beneficial sleeps.

Sleeping on your side isn’t always the best choice. Sometimes it causes stiffness in your shoulders and can also cause tightness in the jaw on the side you lie on. Sleeping on your side can also cause wrinkles. Putting a pillow between your legs can help prevent lower back pain.

In addition to your sleeping position, your bed selection is highly important in increasing your sleep quality.

The Importance of Visco Beds

Visco mattresses move in proportion to your body temperature, weight and the temperature of the environment in which the mattress is located, until about 3 minutes after you go to bed. This movement ends when your lumbar cavity is completely filled and your body is buried a few centimeters into the bed. No matter which position you lie in on visco mattresses, the natural curve of your spine (S state) will be preserved.

The ideal state of blood circulation in the body is standing upright. This position is also provided in visco mattresses. In visco mattresses, your blood circulation will be at an ideal level and the quality of uninterrupted sleep will increase in this way. The mattress supports the spine by filling the waist gap, and prevents any back and neck discomfort that may occur.

Mattress selection is extremely important for sleep quality. In this sense, we recommend you to check out the NSC Medical’s Pressure Balance Latex System™

NSC Medical’s Latex is the first patented pressure balance latex system in the industry. This mattress is comprised of a patented pressure balance latex top layer with a soy Medi-foam base. The patented pressure balance latex top layer uses individual beams that are inter-connected assisting with pressure point relief while still providing a cloud-like comfort. This ensures that your sleep is of better quality.


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