Sleep quality is one of the factors that affect quality of life the most. The right choice of beds directly affects our quality of life, as about a third of human life is spent in sleep.

Beds are the basis of a healthy sleep, and choosing the right bed brings many factors when it comes to comfort.

It is very important that your bed provides support for your back and joints. However, sleeping in a bed that is wrong for you, pain, tension or different problems can reduce your sleep quality.

However, choosing a new bed among many options can be difficult.

By saying goodbye to your old bed, you can easily decide if the bed you will receive is suitable for you. Based on our experience to help you find the perfect bed, we’ve put together a helpful tip about NSC Medical hybrid beds designed to help you sleep comfortably and simplify the process by choosing the best bed.

What is Hybrid Bed?

The hybrid bedding range, which aims to combine the best features of different types of beds, is designed to offer the perfect composition for perfect sleep.

Hybrid beds are supported by smart materials to adapt to changing body temperatures during sleep, preventing sleep from dividing due to increased body temperature and sweating.

Innovative hybrid technologies; It contains many details from special spring designs to smart material selections with high breathing capacity. It makes sure to use memory spring systems to give people with different body characteristics and personal sleep needs a unique sleep.

NSC Medical Hybrid bed series with state-of-the-art technologies, suitable for all kinds of body structures, responding to personal comforts and needs, NSC Medical Hybrid bed series created from various combinations of spring, visco, latex, gel and fabric technologies offer an uninterrupted and unique sleep experience.

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