Our NSC650LT is constructed from a single unit of Soy Medi-Foam.  The unique cross section cut of the open cell Soy Medi-Foam allows for anti-wicking breathability and pressure redistribution for the Patient/Resident.  With a cover consisting of a 4-way stretch for easy removal, a zipper overlay for infection control and an expandable polyester thread fibre that imbeds itself to material this fabric is completely fluid proof.  Our unique PTRS (patient transfer rail system) reduces friction during Patient/Resident transfers and roll out fractures.  With an anti-slip, surgical grade  base material of Grip X and a Recovery 5 top, the NSC650LT allows for easy slide during emergency procedures, while allowing anti-slip for precision articulation.

We Use Only Soy Medi-Foam…Why?

This neutralizes the off gassing smell that irritates Patients/Residents, as well as reducing heat retention which is the largest complaint from 100% petrochemical based products. Our unique PTRS System can reduce the friction rate while transferring Patients/Residents at the same time allowing the Patient/Resident to easily get out of the bed. NSC Medical does not cut corners when it comes to fire prevention by using fire barriers as a cost effective method.  We only use Fire Rated Foams providing guaranteed results with no compromise in Patient/Resident, Nursing Staff and Facility safety.

Cover: NSC650LT covers are made with Recovery 5, a surgical grade 4-way stretch top which reduces heat buildup and provides a low shear, non-friction surface, that is anti-microbal and waterproof. A 16 oz Anti-Slip Grip X bottom provides low anti-friction rate for Patient/Resident transfer.

Therapeutic Surface: NSC Medical is conscientious of our carbon footprint, therefore providing Soy Foam, Soy Visco and Soy Gel Hybrid Foams as an alternative to 100% petrochemical based products.

By adding a full layer of Soy Visco or Soy Hybrid Gel as a top layer for all pressure redistribution therapeutic surfaces, we reduce the incidence of pressure ulcers, assist with healing skin breakdown and reduce Patient/Resident turning times for Nursing Staff. Most industry surfaces only offer pressure redistribution sections to reduce costs and meet minimum requirements.

Product Sizes & Features

NSC650LT3576 – 35” X 76” X 6”

NSC650LT3580 – 35” X 80” X 6”

NSC650LT3584 – 35” X 84” X 6”

please see price list for additional sizing

Foam: Soy Medi-Foam

Weight Capacity: 300lbs

Warranty: 3 Year Non Pro-Rated

made-in-canada soy_medi_foam


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