Our MATTRESS surface has all the features of a number bed, a do-not-disturb mattress and a NO-flip mattress.

NSC Medicals Hybrid Soy Visco Medi-Gel is our own infusion blend where the gel is INFUSED into the Soy based Visco. This unique technology provides true gel attributes; a cooling surface for the skin with the comfort and durability of pressure redistributing Soy Visco GEL TECHNOLOGY along with ASSISTING IN SPINAL decompression while sleeping.

This MATTRESS surface is constructed with a top layer of open cell, Soy Visco Medi-Gel, assist with keeping the body cool while wicking away moisture providing a cool and hypo-allergenic sleeping environment..

NSC Medical is conscientious of our carbon footprint therefore providing Soy Foam, Soy Visco and Soy Gel Hybrid Foams as an alternative to 100% petrochemical based products.

Cloud top channel quilted bamboo removable and washable cover.

MEDI-FOAM a soy based high density low compression base foam.

All NSC Medical Products are Certi-Pur Certified.
Medical Device Company
Developed and Manufactured in Canada with component traceability.